Misting systems work by an evaporation process using a high pressure pump to force water through tubing and out of precision engineered nozzles that are specifically designed to create an ultra fine mist. We use high performance anti drip nozzles with a stainless steel orifice to reduce corrosion. The high pressure of 1000 PSI (pounds per square inch) produces smaller water droplets resulting in flash evaporation cooling your patio and other outdoor areas by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Properly installed systems create a curtain of mist which acts as a barrier to keep hot air from invading your patio or entertainment areas. This ultra fine mist will cool the air reducing temperatures almost immediately creating a comfortable environment without getting wet. Misting is the best way to cool and add moisture to the dry air. You will appreciate a pleasant environment allowing you to enjoy your outdoor areas all year round.

Misting Systems are considered good for the environment. Misting will help clear the surrounding area of dust, smoke and other airborne pollutants. The movement of flying insects is hampered by the mist produced by the cooling system.

Low pressure misting systems operate directly off your household water pressure. Residential water pressure remains at approximately 35 to 85 PSI (pounds per square inch). Low pressure systems are prone to spraying water versus truly misting an area. The water cannot be atomized to suitably small droplets. A low pressure misting system is far less effective because nozzle clogging and water accumulation is common and therefore more maintenance is required.

Mr. Misters, Inc. installs only quality high pressure misting systems offering superior longevity. Our systems are constructed from commercial grade stainless steel tubing with solutions such as powder coated stainless steel mist lines to match your home’s exterior. Unlike most misting companies we standardly use 20” spacing of our mist heads to provide a tighter curtain of mist. Our misting products represent the industry’s finest offering at the most affordable prices.

Our goal is to design and install a misting system that we both can be proud of.